Standard Operating Guidelines and Protocols

SOG - Alarm Response

To establish a practical approach for the operation of the Kemah Fire Department’s alarm response as to ensure proper alarm response, as any incident could be a true alarm activation.

SOG - Command Guidelines

The effective functioning of Kemah Fire Department units and personnel operating at incidents requires clear decisive action on the part of an Incident Commander. This standard operating guidelines is employed in establishing Command and operating a Command Post.

SOG - Downed Power Lines and Pole Fires

This procedure will establish a standard approach and response to the report of power lines down and Pole Fires. Power lines can come in contact with the ground as a result of storm related activity, fire, or vehicles striking power poles. In all cases, the potential for electrical shock/electrocution and secondary fire must be considered.

SOG - First Responding

This Standard Operating Guideline is meant to guide the Kemah Fire Department towards a top quality first responding plan that will serve our community and department best.

SOG - Helicopter Operations

This Standard Operating Guideline is meant to guide the Kemah Fire Department in call where a helicopter is being utilized as several public and private helicopter services are available to the Kemah Fire Department for various purposes, including emergency medical transportation and
rescue from inaccessible locations.

SOG - Hurricanes, Flooding, and High Water

To provide a set of procedures on responding before, during and after a declared event, incident or natural disaster. These procedures will provide guidance for Kemah Fire Department (KFD) Personnel to aid the local Law Enforcement Agencies with voluntary/mandatory evacuations and re-entry of Fire District business occupants and residents.

SOG -Wildland Fire Response

To establish a functional set of procedures for Kemah Fire Department (KFD) Personnel during the incident response to dry vegetation fires ranging from small grass fires to forest fire deployments.

SOG - Incident Management System

Kemah Fire Department (KFD) commits to the development, maintenance and use of the Incident Management System. This system functions to increase on-scene operational effectiveness/efficiency, increase safety and maximize productive interaction with other related agencies, departments and organizations.

SOG - Mutual Aid

The purpose of this guideline is to provide a set of procedures for the use of Mutual Aid on incidents with the Kemah Fire Department (KFD) Personnel and other departments’ resources whether it is use of equipment or personnel.

SOG -Vehicle Accidents and Vehicle Fires

The purpose to establish a set of procedures when responding and safe handling of motor vehicle accidents and vehicle fires.

SOP - Structural Firefighting Personal Protective Equipment

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to establish a program for structural firefighting bunker coats, bunker pants, boots, gloves, helmets, and protective hoods to reduce the safety and health risks associated with these items when they are poorly maintained, contaminated or damaged.

SOP - Rules of Conduct

To ensure efficient operations and an elevated understanding of public
relations all staff should conduct themselves in a reasonable manner and understand that they are always under the scope of the public. Every KFD Personnel shall constantly act within the Rules of Conduct.

SOP - SCBA and Pass Inspection and Repair

The purpose of this guideline to initiate an inspection schedule of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) devices that ensures compliance with Texas State Law and provides for the safety of Kemah Fire Department (KFD) Personnel.

SOP - Use of SCBA and Pass Devices

The purpose is to provide all Kemah Fire Department (KFD) Personnel with the maximum protection against death or injury due to respiratory threatening atmospheres. Furthermore, the equipment will provide an enhanced safety of all KFD Firefighters entering visually obscured atmospheres by means of an audible alarm.

SOP - Accident/Injury Evaluation Reporting

The purpose of this procedure is to establish a program for reporting of all on-duty accidents, injuries or exposures sustained by Kemah Fire Department (KFD) Personnel while in their performance of official duties.

SOP - Breathing Air Quality for Emergency Services Respiratory Protection

The procedure establishes department procedures and responsibilities for the selection, care, inspection, and maintenance of SCBA. In addition, the procedure addresses the breathing air quality and documentation requirements for the department.